About Us

The Junior Development Experience (JDE) is a game studio consisting of students from DePaul University. Inspired from its former ‘DePaul Gaming Elitists’, the JDE’s goal is to use the experience as a studio to create games for prospective festivals. The team created a year program initiative for workshops, field trips, mentorship, and game jams. This led to over 40 different experiments which helped each individual grow as a developer.

History of JDE


Our first day together was April 18th, 2016 after Josh Delson proposed the studio. Members of the group were individually interviewed of all roles in order to form an all around team dynamic. The overall process was creating project during the summer, fall, and spring. During this time the team was mentored by various veterans in the game industry.


Who is in the JDE? What makes them important? Do they actually like games? All these important questions and more will be answered soon!